Named after the first reptile to feather for flight, you too can soar above your limits with Arc’teryx. Established by local climbers, Dave Lane and Jeremy Guard in 1989, Arc’teryx headquarters is homed in the wilderness of North Vancouver—the very environment that has continually inspired Arc’teryx’s novel designs, capable of elevating esteemed athletes, daring photographers and extraordinary citizens to new heights.

With the mountainous terrain as both a muse and testing ground, Arc’teryx marries art and science to construct timeless pieces that withstand harsh environments, and are designed to be intuitive, practical and versatile for outdoor activities. Choose from comfy base layers crafted from warm synthetic fabrics, weather-proof jackets optimised for free movement, and lightweight vests ideal for layering in colder climates.

Guided by the principles of durability and performance, Arc’teryx is renowned for their distinctive in-house manufacturing approaches and high-quality craftsmanship. Utilising rigorous quality control protocols from sourcing to assembly, the creation of one Alpha SV Jacket is the work of 65 operators, spanning 4 hours and 38 minutes.

In addition to purposeful designs and manufacturing excellence, Arc’teryx has extended their innovation to sustainability. They strive to continually evolve their products and approaches in order to conserve what they all hold so dearly—their way of life which is so intertwined with the outdoors. For instance, Arc’teryx has an admirable commitment to extending the life-cycles of their products, their items coming with a warranty. At their Vancouver manufacturing facility, they have breathed new life into over 13,000 products in 2017, returning repaired prized possessions to their owners. Those items they cannot bring up to their rigorous quality standards but can still be used, they have donated to various charity initiatives.

Immerse yourself in the moment no matter how extreme the conditions—whether conquering icy mountains, running that extra kilometre, discovering the unknown, or capturing the wonders of the world on camera. With THE ICONIC’s curated selection of Arc’teryx sportswear and accessories, we’ve got you covered for your next valiant feat.