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Whether you’re seeking smooth skin for summer, or looking to switch up your usual trip to the salon, the right hair removal products can make all the difference. THE ICONIC Beauty carries a curated selection of hair removal tools and accessories online, making it easier than ever to safely and effectively remove unwanted body hair without breaking the bank.

There are myriad ways to remove unwanted hair from your body if the mood strikes. Shaving is fast and (relatively) fuss-free, allowing you to quickly remove hair above the surface of the skin while you’re in the shower. While this method is quick and convenient, it can leave the skin prone to bumps, nicks and ingrown hairs. Waxing, whether in strip or hot wax form, pulls hairs out at the root, which leaves skin feeling smoother for longer but can cause discomfort or mess. If you want to expand your hair removal repertoire beyond these two methods, THE ICONIC’s range of hair removal tools is the place to start.

THE ICONIC Beauty offers an ever-growing range of options when it comes to body hair removal. Look to Happy Skin Co for a host of hair removal solutions to suit your lifestyle and budget. The brand makes IPL (intense pulsed light technology) hair removal at home a breeze with their handheld IPL tools. By emitting scattered wavelengths of light, IPL can help to reduce hair on any part of the body with continued use. Want a quick and easy hair removal solution that slips into your purse or pocket? Choose Happy Skin Co’s Mini Shaver, a USB-charged handheld hair removal device that lets you discreetly tackle any stray hairs wherever you are.

With an ever-growing assortment of brands and tools to choose from, THE ICONIC is the perfect place to shop for hair removal products online. Browse the latest hair removal products at THE ICONIC, and enjoy the option of free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand.

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