Essential Oils

Experience all that aromatherapy has to offer with THE ICONIC’s ever-growing assortment of essential oils for the home. An integral part of the home fragrance offering, essential oils are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite oil diffuser or wellness routine.

Essential oils are derived from natural ingredients including fruits, flowers, roots and seeds. The extraction process yields a concentrated oil which, depending on its base ingredient, can be used in a variety of beauty and wellness contexts. Lavender essential oil is perfect for experiencing enhanced calm before bed, while peppermint can help alleviate headaches and clear congestion. Lemon essential oil is an excellent antiseptic for the air around your home, while ylang ylang is perfect for promoting balance.

No matter the type of ambience you’re seeking to create in your space, THE ICONIC’s selection of leading brands has essential oils to suit every mood. ECO. Modern Essentials offers a wide range of essential oils and oil blends for the body, mind and home - simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to one of their Bliss, Stone or Nebulizing diffusers to experience an enveloping olfactory experience. Inspire a sense of sensory comfort with a range of invigorating and nostalgic essential oils from Scent Australia Home. With French vanilla and chocolate fudge alongside kiwi coconut and Santal 66, this Australian brand offers a veritable buffet of essential oils to choose from.

Transform your space to one that invigorates, delights and inspires, with THE ICONIC’s edit of essential oils online.

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