BLUNT Umbrellas

Add a dash of colour to the cloudy day splash in a range of sizes from the easily-transportable to the sideline-sportable with BLUNT Umbrellas. Made with deluge and design in mind, the high-quality construction and tensionable canopy of each BLUNT Umbrella is unparalleled by competitors, with the unique patented design giving an exclusive, scalloped edge over the flat, 6-panel spoke standard. Based between the wild and wet capitals of the world - Auckland and London - the understanding of standing under an umbrella is first-hand held by the BLUNT name, and second-hand experienced by everyone.

Whether searching for lightweight city-slicking compactables or multi-person protection, the BLUNT Umbrella range mandates various styles for the modern agenda through a seasonal lens of colours, made to stand out from the sea of slate that draw open toward the sky in times of dry salvage.

The Metro - made for its titular environment - is a baggable brace against the elements, from morning coffee-run to cross-city meetings, with a collapsible post and carry sleeve so you can stay as dry as the office you came from. On the other handle, a stick-fastened range from Coupe, Classic to Exec proves versatile week-to-weekend, from easily-commutable in weight to all-encompassing in size; quelling the multi-hand-qualm at the post. And to complete the calendar, BLUNT’s largest and loftiest Sport umbrella provides the dedicated sideline supporters with peace-of-mind to catch all plays and points scored without a drop of rain in the way.

Shop BLUNT Umbrellas before stepping out with THE ICONIC, delivered 365-days a year around Australia and New Zealand in rain, hail or sprinkle.