For a skincare experience infused with soul rituals, look no further than Australian brand Eunoia. With a focus on nourishing your skin and soul at the same time, the brand creates beauty products with complementary rituals that help enhance mindfulness, self-love and adoration. As the name suggests, Eunoia — which translates to “beautiful thinking” and “well mind” in Ancient Greek, believes that you can use skincare with a meaningful purpose.

The Eunoia collection begins with it’s skincare products. This includes a range of cleansing oils, face elixirs, belly and body oils. All the ingredients are derived from natural resources, free from chemicals, Australian made and hand-poured to perfection. Indulge in aromatic notes such as cedarwood, lavender and rose myrtle, infused with wholesome ingredients such as jojoba oil, marula oil and macadamia nut oil.

Alongside it’s skincare products, the Eunoia collection is made complete with it’s wellness products. This includes a range of crystals, perfume rollers, meditation mists and gua shas. You can enjoy the full benefits of these products with complete soul rituals and mantras which are placed on an oracle card. With this routine, you’ll have a step-by-step guide on how to complete your daily mindfulness practice.

THE ICONIC is proud to stock a curated selection of Eunoia skincare and wellness products, including nourishing oils, relaxing mists and beautiful crystals. With a focus on natural ingredients that are Australian made, Eunoia is the embodiment of cleaner beauty that blends nature with mindfulness. Shop Eunoia online at THE ICONIC, and experience free and fast delivery across Australia and New Zealand.