Crocs was born in Colorado, USA as a brand which makes simple and comfortable boat shoes. They have since evolved to offer a fun, stylish range of footwear for both adults and kids, and is world-renowned for their top quality design and iconic shape.

With a focus on providing ultimate comfort, Crocs are constantly in pursuit of new, exciting technologies that will create a shoe that’s lighter, softer and super flexible, making every new drop even better than the last. With their customers at the forefront of their design process, every pair is uniquely crafted using the brand’s closed-cell resin, Crosslite™, providing the soft, comfortable shape that Crocs wearers know and love. Odour resistant and water friendly, Crocs are made to be worn time and time again, making them an easy choice to slip on daily. Available in a wide range of colours, there’s a Croc style to suit every taste.

With shoes for both adults and kids, explore the range of Crocs at THE ICONIC. From the archetypal classic clogs to slides, thongs, platforms and more, you’re sure to find a pair you’ll love. Ideal for casual wear, professional use or recreational activities, Crocs offers stylish designs and lightweight comfort.