A subsidiary of the inimitable watchmaker, Casio, G-Shock is a line of timepieces designed to resist mechanical shock and vibrations—G-Shock being short for 'Gravitational Shock'. An innovative idea at the time of the brand's inception in 1981, G-Shock has continued to better its toughness in all facets from their structure and materials to their functions ever since.

G-Shock began with the bold challenge to construct a watch that wouldn't break when dropped, and so, 'Project Team Tough' was formed to try and create the indestructible timepiece in 1981. Project Team Tough created more than 200 prototypes over two years before they arrived at the shock-resistant structure that we know today. Herein lies the birth of G-Shock, a range of watches that are built tough to the core.

Originally designed for sports, military and outdoor-oriented activities, G-Shock has also been widely accepted by the street-style set too, peaking their interest in the mid-nineties for its sporty design and functionality. Neary all G-Shock watches are equipped with a combination of digital and analogue time-telling functions, a stopwatch, countdown timer, electroluminescent backlight and water resistance technology.

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