With over 175 years in the educational toy making industry, Galt has cemented itself as a linchpin not only for creatively stimulated kids but for parents too. The brand offers a plethora of hands-on activities with an assortment of arts, crafts, puzzles and experiments from ages 0-10 to stimulate development, hand-eye coordination, creativity and curiosity.

Designed to be fun, colourful and imaginative while also supporting all areas of a child's development, Galt caters to a young toddler’s inquisitive nature with games and jigsaws like the Alphabet Puzzle and Jungle Giant Floor Puzzle. Along with the Marble Run Game and First Knitting Kit kids can get creative with more crafty activities, or stimulate their analytical minds and foster a love for STEM with Science Lab, Body Lab or Space Lab. Providing boundless excitement, you can create a space at home that fosters a love for learning by creating a collection of fun, unique and innovative Galt products that encourage curiosity and learning through entertainment.

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