Green Toys

Californian-based toy brand Green Toys is turning the tide in how toys are designed and manufactured. With a commitment to sustainability, Green Toys has been founded on principles of eco-materials in order to lower environmental impacts. In order to achieve their objectives, all Green Toys are entirely manufactured, right through to distribution, in the United States. Made entirely from recycled plastic, milk jugs in particular, Green Toys teaches children about their environmental footprint. By illustrating the cycle of kitchen milk jug to a playroom toy, kids can begin to understand their environment efforts in action. Even the packaging has been sourced from 100% recycled cardboard or 100% recycled water bottles.

Without compromising on design, Green Toys products are an ode to classic toys which have stood the test of time. From parent consultation to the 2D sketch and right through to the 3D model, each piece has been sustainably thought out so as to avoid glues, metal, screws or paints.

Breathing new life into traditional toddler favourites, at THE ICONIC we adore Green Toys and their penchant to deliver toy vehicles and outdoor playsets that inspire and educate. Give your little one their first set of wings with a propeller aeroplane or let them explore the deep seas with a submarine. Whether it be getting the job done on the construction site with a dump truck or tackling burning blazes with their fire truck, each kid will treasure their Green Toys and the imagined worlds they inspire.