Hush Puppies

Since their inception in 1958, Hush Puppies has continued to deliver footwear with a laid-back attitude and an always-perfect fit. Effortlessly fusing form and function, the American-turned-worldwide brand has forged an ethos of quality craftsmanship, extreme comfort and timeless designs that has only strengthened over the past six decades. Hush Puppies are also a member of Brand Collective, a trading company that ethically sources materials from suppliers and manufacturers who treat their employees fairly in accordance with local laws.

With over 17 million pairs of shoes sold every year in over 150 countries around the world, Hush Puppies are a definitively global brand with an ever-expanding variety of footwear across female and male markets. The label offers designs simply made for day-to-day life situations, from heels adorned with cushioned footbeds to sneakers with bounce technology to ensure that you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for style again. Ballet flats, wedges and summer-ready sandals are thrown into the mix so that your whole footwear wardrobe is covered, whilst genuine leather dress shoes, loafers and moccasins will keep you looking suave at your upcoming event.

Hush Puppies also has a collective range of orthopaedic-friendly footwear, with many pairs endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Shop Hush Puppies’ latest collection of individualistic, easygoing and fun-loving footwear on THE ICONIC today for a stylish take on classic designs with an unquestionably comfortable feel.