Proudly Australian, Huxbaby is a high quality kids label that boasts a devotion to modern ideals. Their pieces feature a pared-back styling that keeps to the absolute essentials, aligning to the current trend of minimalism. Their main focus, however, is on allowing ‘kids to be kids’, and to do so in style.

Huxbaby’s minimalist inspiration is paired with a consistent colour palette and fun graphics that keeps their style fresh. They also use mostly organic cotton in order to respond to a need for ethically and sustainably-made children’s clothing. Their blends are industry certified, and designed very carefully in order to avoid any form of skin irritation, making them especially popular with new mothers.

The product range by Huxbaby keeps to simple designs, the majority of which are gender neutral, with their age range spanning from newborns through to young children. They create a range of separates, including tanks, jackets and shorts, in charcoal grey colouring that feature their adorable bear logo. They also specialise in gentle-looking dresses, complemented by soft peach, pink and ivory hues, and designs that will appeal to the fashionable young girl who loves a ballerina skirt.

THE ICONIC sells a broad range of these designs, including tanks, jumpers, onesies, pants, dresses, bibs, and even the adorable Huxbear Ballerina. All of these separates sit at a highly accessible price point, especially considering the lasting nature of their design.