Conceived in 1999, London brand Jellycat lovingly crafts plush toys that are highly collectable. With a wide range of soft and quirky designs to choose from, your young ones will be sure to cherish their Jellycat plush toys for years to come.

Browse the sumptuously affable bright-eyed animals, with squeezable limbs, floppy ears and fuzzy flamingo feathers. From toothy dinosaurs to honeyed bears, midnight black felines and cloud-grey rabbits, there is a plush toy for every pint-sized tyke to hug closely.

Peruse THE ICONIC's collection of lovable characters that needn't be solely characterised by your usual animal suspects. From amusable watermelons, lemons, pineapples and strawberries, there is a fruit salad's worth of soft toys from Jellycat that are almost cute enough to eat.

Allow your little one's imagination run wild with their new soft companion when shopping THE ICONIC's collection of Jellycat plush toys, which will make the perfect gift for your young one. Enjoy speedy shipping across Australia and New Zealand, which is free for orders over $50.