Soft Toys

There is nothing cuter than a soft toy! If you have been looking for kids’ soft toys, we have a collection curated exclusively for your little one. These are incredibly cute and fun soft toys, and we have unique options for boys and girls. When it comes to soft toys, THE ICONIC strives for variety. We take pride in bringing a collection that features some of the most loved brands. On this page, you can find Polo Ralph Lauren, Nana Huchy, F.A.O SCHWARZ, Melissa & Doug, Typo, only to name a few.

Getting that perfect soft toy
Kids, babies and teens love soft toys alike, and there is never really enough of what your child can have. The idea of soft toys makes sense for gifting, as well. If you are attending a birthday party, or wish to gift a child something special, soft toys are always suitable. In fact, whenever in doubt for gifting a kid, this is a safe choice. We constantly update our collection, and our products are absolutely genuine. There are even adults who love our soft toys because we stock such cute and fancy items, which can be placed as a part of the décor too!