Kids Jewellery

It’s time to put some BLING on your baby. While most parents are busy dressing up their cutie patooties in the cutest little clothes in the brightest colours and prettiest prints, most do not give much thought to kid’s jewellery unfortunately.

However, jewellery favours kid’s as much as they favour adults if not more. When styled in the right fashion, jewellery is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit, express a bit of your child’s personality and to add some pizzazz to the look.

One thing that parents must keep in mind while buying jewellery for their little ones is the quality of the product. Look for silver jewellery with gold plating or yellow gold jewellery or even metal jewellery of supreme quality. Go for trusted brands such as Dear Addison, Elli Jewelry, Louise Misha and Mestige Kids.

Earrings with crystals and tassels in complementary colours can add an extra bit of sparkle to your child’s eyes. Dainty necklaces are a great way bring focus on their pretty faces or display their passion. Bracelets and rings on their tiny hands only add to their cuteness. For those of you wondering where to get such an extensive variety of kid’s jewellery, the answer is The ICONIC. Everything from fine necklaces, studs and hoop earrings to statement jewellery, rings and necklaces, you’ll find it all at fair prices.