Kissed Earth

For wellness supplements brand Kissed Earth, true beauty starts from within. THE ICONIC carries a curated range of Kissed Earth’s most coveted ingestibles, alongside face and body care designed to enhance your natural glow.

Born after experiencing firsthand the negative effects of lack of nourishment and care on the body, Kissed Earth set out to source the best ingredients from around the world to create a range of collagen products designed to help improve your wellness journey. Why collagen? While collagen protein is found abundantly in the body during youth, as we age our body slows its collagen production, which can lead to more visible signs of aging. These typically manifest in the skin, hair, joints and nails, and it’s these key areas that Kissed Earth’s supplements strive to address. The brand blends premium bovine collagen with a bespoke mix of superfoods, botanicals, fibres and probiotics to enrich your body from the inside out. Formulations are free from synthetic and artificial ingredients, and free from dairy and gluten to ensure they can be incorporated into a wide range of wellness regimes. Their signature Replenish protein is also 100% vegan (made with organic fermented pea and fava bean, with added magnesium and branch chain amino acids).

THE ICONIC offers an ever-evolving range of Kissed Earth supplements, including their signature Replenish and Brilliance formulations, alongside a range of face masks and bath products to nourish the body. Shop Kissed Earth on THE ICONIC today and enjoy free and fast shipping to your door.