Loving Tan

Never miss another tanning appointment again with the at-home Loving Tan collection. Founded in 2011, the Australian brand has become a household name for self-tan lovers, known for their simple-yet-flawless formulas that offer professional salon strength and streak-free, quick-drying results.

Starting with the Deluxe Bronze Mousse, a bestseller known for its all-in-one bronzing, tanning and self-moisturising properties, the range features hydrating skincare products like Aloe Vera and is free from alcohol and parabens. Now everyone can create the perfect tan with just one layer, offering a variety of shades from light and medium to dark and ultra-dark in a variety of formulations with their easy-to-follow guide.

Looking for a quick summer spruce? Loving Tan has the answer with the 2HR Express Mousse, taking about as much time as a mani-pedi. Finding it hard to reach stubborn areas? Loving Tan has the solution with their Easy to Reach Back Applicator, so that you can walk about your day both confident and patch-free. After a temporary glow? Loving Tan has you covered with their instantly-illuminating Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream.

Explore the vast collection of the Loving Tan range at THE ICONIC for all year-round summer glow. Reaching all four-corners of Australia along with our friends in New Zealand, THE ICONIC offers quick and free delivery options for any weekend emergency.