Dedicated to enhancing the performance of athletes, Mizuno offers the most comfortable, efficient and stylish footwear for both men and women. Founded in 1906, the brand set out to create innovative sporting equipment and apparel that go the extra mile. Today, the Mizuno team are still inspired and excited by sport, and remain committed to providing the highest quality sportswear.

THE ICONIC stocks a strong selection of Mizuno shoes that cater to athletes of every sport and calibre. The brand expertly blends technology and specifications with aesthetic designs to deliver a pair of shoes for every player. Mizuno’s AeroHug technology provides a secure and comfortable fit on every run. Meanwhile, impact-absorbing midsoles and heel wedge styles ensure enhanced cushioning that minimise impact-related injury and strain.

Technical football players look to the brand’s ultra-light and flexible studded boots for a highly responsive and ‘barefoot feeling’ pair. Tennis players are well supported by Mizuno’s D-Flex Groove technology that aids in rapid and explosive acceleration on the court, whilst simultaneously offering rearfoot cushioning and ankle alignment. Triathletes look to Mizuno’s lightweight bootie designs and Tri-specific elastic laces for rapid, mid-race transitions.

Available in a vast array of monochromatic palettes and vibrant colourways, you’re bound to find a Mizuno pair on THE ICONIC that meets both your technical requisites and aesthetic preferences. From sports-specific trainers to walking shoes, Mizuno has you covered on every court, pitch or track.