Mother Denim

Coveted denim label Mother Denim was founded in the US in 2010 by designers Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker. With a wealth of experience in the denim industry, the designers set out to be different, constructing their brand in new and improved ways.

The brand itself is famous for its super-soft fabrics and irreverent attitude. The boutique made-in-LA brand exhibits a genuine indie spirit whilst still offering perennial fits and washes that appeal to all women. The name of the brand embodies both unconditional love and teenage rebellion. This duality permeates throughout the premium collection, with pragmatic garments that are both hard and soft at once.

Hallmarked by distinctive detailing and fashion forward silhouettes, the brand continually strives to push technological boundaries when its comes to their signature soft denim. Meanwhile, the brand plays with social boundaries with product names like The Dropout Boyfriend and The Groupie. The brand designer and co-founder, Lela says “We stand for having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously.” In contrast to their playful spirit, Mother Denim are serious when it comes to staying relevant amongst the best in fashion, empowering modern women with luxury, urban-infused separates in contemporary silhouettes.

Here at THE ICONIC, you can choose the perfect cut and wash for you, from skinnies to boyfriend jeans and on-trend cropped flares offered in black, white, faded or deep indigo washes. Choose from their range of minimalist-style tees, shirts and dresses. Shop all the latest Mother Denim designs here at THE ICONIC.