Named after founder, Jim Jannard’s dog, Oakley was born in 1975 when Jannard began selling handgrips for motorcross motorcycles from the back of his car. Towards the end of the decade, Jannard introduced motorcross goggles to the Oakley collection, made of high-impact plastic that was lighter and stronger than the glass goggles then in use, before developing eyewear that was part-goggles, part-sunglasses for skiers and cyclists. Oakley rose to fame through its distinctive marketing approach – handing out sunglasses to top athletes in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Fans of the sunglasses include Nike chief Philip Knight, tennis star Andre Agassi and basketball champion Michael Jordan.

The company’s obsession with innovation has built a legacy of science, sculpture and defiance of conventional thinking. Oakley lenses are tested under extreme circumstances to guarantee uncompromising protection against high-mass impact, while the brand’s Plutonite® technology stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. With Oakley’s three-point fit system and Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads, you can be assured that your sunglasses will stay in precise optical alignment.

Set out to continuously reinvent the concept of eyewear, it’s no wonder that Oakley remains one of the most popular sports eyewear brands to this day. Choose from THE ICONIC’s edit of sport, active and lifestyle styles to find the perfect pair.