Drawing influence from our own backyard, Melbourne-based brand, ONEBYONE offers sleek and simple clothing designs for both men and women. Boasting practicality, exceptional fits and unique artistic prints, the Aussie brand takes casual streetwear to new heights of style with their range of t-shirts, tanks, shorts, swimwear and accessories. With each season heralding a distinct theme, ONEBYONE ensures that each new collection is as bold and fresh as the last, ensuring a contemporary flux to the wardrobes of Australia and beyond.

Since launching in 2006, ONEBYONE’s styles have featured a sun-drenched, distinctly beach vibe alongside their pragmatic nature. Long tees, oversized singlets, busted denim and solid-coloured, one-piece swimsuits are regular features among their collections. Each piece is inspired by poetic writing that guides the nature of the season, while also staying true to the raw essence of the brand.

No matter the weather, ONEBYONE will always have something you need. THE ICONIC is the perfect place to shop their collection of essential pieces, offering fast delivery on all items. Pair their lightweight summer shorts with a solid coloured muscle tank, or match a knitted beanie to a long-sleeved sweatshirt in weather that reflects their Melbourne background. Fashion-forward ladies will be enticed by their swimsuit designs, which are conveniently suitable for size A - DD cups, as well as their distressed denim shorts which can be paired with a multitude of basics from your existing summer wardrobe. Shop ONEBYONE on THE ICONIC today to achieve a simple, pared-back look that will suit all casual occasions.