Born out of Sydney’s own boutique Paddington markets, fashion designer Renae James founded Papinelle sleepwear in 2003. Flourishing since inception, the brand offers women across the globe delicate, ornate and feminine sleep and loungewear. Derived from the French names for Butterfly and Lady Beetle, the name Papinelle perfectly epitomises the brand’s soft and pretty feel through both its sound and meaning.

Designed for women of all ages, the brand understands the importance of feeling good and sleeping well. Delivering a huge variety of sleep clothing for both summer and winter seasons, the brand offers delicate nighties, button-up shirts, twin pyjama sets, tie-up robes and light sleep shorts. Delicate, soft and comfortable, Papinelle utilises natural fibres that are breathable through the night and light on the skin. Reminiscent of the brand’s love affair with and playful takes on classic femininity, floral prints and pastel hues consistently appear throughout each collection with ruffles, pleats and lace trims accenting each design. Catering to every woman’s style preference, an assortment of plain PJ sets and jersey tees, in neutral shades of white, grey and charcoal can also be found amongst Papinelle’s elaborate collections.

We spend half our lives sleeping, so here at THE ICONIC we believe you should look good doing it. There’s something for everyone, so take your pick from THE ICONIC’s generous range of Papinelle sleepwear.