It was while hiking Camelback Mountain in 1996 when founder Cristina Carlino stumbled upon a rainbow so beautiful it was life-changing. Faced with such a panoramic beauty, she was met with the feeling of connection—that we are all connected to each other and to something outside of ourselves, something ultimately much larger. Thus, Philosophy was born as a wellbeing beauty label that prioritises gratitude, simplicity, and spiritual balance. Setting out to inspire X days with clean, quality products and experiential scents, Philosophy is, just as their name suggests, a guiding principle for a good life.

Inspired by the resilience of desert plants, Cristina asked how one could achieve that same resilience for optimal skin health and partnered with dermatologists to bring her vision of innovative formulas to life. For buoyant skin that retains its elasticity, Philosophy promises to combine gold-standard ingredients with unique textures to achieve transformative results.

Their bespoke selection centres positive affirmations, with refreshing moisturisers—packaged as renewed hope in jars—guaranteed to refine textural irregularities and brighten the skin. The whipped formula combines Alpha-hydroxy acids with three forms of Hyaluronate, as well as fruity extracts for a soothing and highly effective product. A lightweight, whipped moisturiser, we recommend this range if you want re-energised skin with a healthy colour and glow.

Look to their exfoliating facial wash if flaky or peeling skin is an issue, the gentle detoxifying cleanser for balance and conditioning, the recovery moisturiser for a soothing moisture barrier, or their shower gel in coconut frosting, melon daiquiri, cinnamon buns, and vanilla birthday cake scents. Beyond beautiful skin, Philosophy uses feel-good formulas to help their customers live out beautiful days.

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