RH Swimwear

RH Swimwear is a wonderfully-curated boutique swimwear brand born and operating out of Sydney, Australia. Globally-recognised and industry-acclaimed, RH Swimwear’s original creations are now in demand all over the world.

Approaching design with a minimalist perspective, RH Swimwear are hallmarked by pieces that are pared back and clean-lined. Carefully considered with an unparalleled attention to detail, each product within their collection is directional in style but voids trend fickleness with classic silhouettes and ageless prints. Globally-aware when it comes to environmental sustainability and philanthropic issues, RH Swimwear have begun to make the shift towards recycled materials and have been resolute in safeguarding fair working conditions on a manufacturing level.

Breaking down archaic notions of beauty, style and body image across the fashion industry, RH Swimwear’s line highlights and celebrates different female body shapes, contours and sizes. Here at THE ICONIC, we applaud this attitude and relish in the opportunity to share RH Swimwear pieces with our heavily diversified customer base. From triangle bikini tops, bralettes, knotted bandeaus and straight boob tubes, you’re guaranteed to find a top to suit your bust. Their low risers, cheeky high-cut legs and Brazilian-inspired bikini bottoms are varied in the level of coverage, the style of cut and the contours of the female bottom. Rather than conforming to the industry’s set sizes, we love how RH Swimwear sell their tops and bottoms separately so you can mix and match to meet the needs of the individual.

The standard of style when it comes to this Sydney-born brand has reached new heights with classic fit one-pieces elevated by charming tie-up straps, criss-cross back strap designs, retro high-cut legs and 70s-inspired button-up bust plackets. The attention to detail only has us wanting their swimwear more. From braided bust details, lace-down backs and chic tortoiseshell buttons, the season-to-season rotation of RH Swimwear is always elegant and forever playful.

At THE ICONIC, we believe our customers deserve the best swimwear within the market and are confident RH Swimwear will deliver joy and delight with each and every one of their highly-accessible products.