Global lifestyle label RVCA offers an extensive range of artist-driven clothing, sportswear and accessories for men and women looking to push creative boundaries from the skate-bowl to the beach and beyond.

Fuelled by the distinct segregation of subcultures within the retail platform, RVCA founder and President PM Tenore set about creating a brand that redefines the way in which art and fashion are intertwined. The brand converges close-knit communities and subcultures to create their own, effectively paving the way for a lifestyle within a lifestyle. Heavily underscored by an ethos of social allegiance, RVCA sources and showcases art from both big-name and little-known artists, in turn collecting an extensive catalogue of bold motifs, prints and designs that are as at home in boutiques as they are surf-skate stores.

Heavily rooted in Southern Californian surf, skate and art subcultures, RVCA produces clean-cut designs, relaxed silhouettes and bold-printed pieces that work in both off-duty edits and beach-to-bar ensembles. Despite being driven by design and not merely bucked by the fleeting nature of trends, the brand continues to deliver garments that seamlessly slot into modern, mainstream and alternative wardrobes alike.

THE ICONIC stocks a vast offering of RVCA garments and accessories, kitting out all corners of the male and female closet with their range of tees, resort-ready shirts, denim shorts, bucket hats, caps and logo-stamped socks. From skate-inspired jersey basics to sweat-ready activewear, no weekend wardrobe should be without a slice of RVCA.