Australian skincare label Saya alchemise their products with non-toxic ingredients while championing native Australian botanicals as the restorative wellspring of skin healing, protection and nourishment. Saya Skincare was founded by Noosa local Saya McDermott, who began making her own botanically skin-savvy tinctures to treat her breakouts and eczema.

Saya utilises blends of Australian natives and essential oil fragrances, including Illawarra flame tree, Kakadu Plum, Crown of Gold, Desert Lime, Quandong, Kangaroo Apple and Banksia: all containing powerful and effective properties that protect and nourish every skin type, especially those with sensitivities.

The brand is proudly certified with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) COSMOS to guarantee its products are sustainably produced with high-quality ingredient profiles. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free and eschews the inclusion of pesticides, herbicides, parabens and phthalates in its products.

Saya uses PET and Miron Glass to house its products in. These are both stable and UV protected materials. The bottles are recyclable and Envirofill compostable satchels (dissolvable in water) and recyclable cardboard are also used to package all products.

Harnessing the natural anti-bacterial properties of botanical ingredients, the Saya range here at THE ICONIC includes moisturisers, hand wash, shaving lotions, night creams, exfoliator, serums and conditioners. Shop our bespoke range for free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand.