Established in 1996 by Australian physiologist and skier Brad Duffy, sportswear label Skins has proven ground-breaking in developing scientifically proven technology to provide a superior range of high-performance compression gear. With the backing of NASA and numerous experts, what began with a pair of tights has grown into one of the world’s most innovative sportswear brands.

Duffy’s starting point was the knowledge that improved blood circulation, through compression, would allow professional and amateur athletes alike to train harder and recover faster. As a result, Skins provides a tried and tested range of compression gear for both men and women that fuses durable and lightweight fabrics with innovative technologies. Alongside moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and comfortable, Skins’ designs incorporate world-renowned compression technology to strengthen your speed, stamina and recovery. Skins’ extensive range of tights, shorts, tanks and sports bras incorporates their signature DNAmic gradient compression that is scientifically proven to increase muscle oxygenation, reduce risk of injury, ensure faster recovery and improve endurance and strength. You’ll also find cutting-edge concepts such as memory MX fabric, a unique high stretch elastomeric yarn that returns to its original shape for you, and ADAPTIVE Technology that regulates your body temperature no matter the weather.

Whether it’s boxing, running or yoga, Skins boundary-pushing designs can be worn for a diverse range of activities at any level of experience. From performance-enhancing tanks, shorts, sports bra and tights to stylish crew tees, fleece hoodies, bomber jackets, THE ICONIC’s edit of Skins pieces will provide unparalleled support and help you surpass workout goals.