The Seeke

With all their products handcrafted and made in small, bespoke batches in Sydney, Australia, skincare brand The Seeke is a testament to their own ethos—purity, compassion, honesty, community, sustainability, and transparency. Their range comprises natural and organic formulas that are tried and true, making thoughtful efforts to avoid harmful chemicals and actively minimise waste when it comes to ingredients and packaging. Most notable is their speaking out against the unrealistic and unhealthy beauty ideals that are standard within the industry; instead, The Seeke is proud to be a voice that champions equality and acceptance.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese face-rolling practices, the stone rollers from The Seeke are specially designed to assist with product absorption and lymphatic drainage. Latest in contemporary beauty trends is the incorporation of facial massage as a way to sculpt the face and reduce the appearance of swelling. Available in luxurious colours, from dark grey granite-look with natural stone marbling and translucent rose quartz, to solid obsidian black and amethyst purple, the smooth face rollers are an effective addition to your nightly routine.

The Seeke offers other tools in the form of the Gua Sha boards and combs, helpful against muscle tension and crafted from cooling jade stones in a curved shape that fit the contours of your face. Suitable for all skin types and sensitivities, the brand is interested in skincare that is accessible and beneficial for their community of customers.

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