When it comes to leading watch brands around the world, TIMEX is more than just a veteran. It is the brand which has become synonymous with time and timekeeping itself; delivering high-quality timepieces en masse to people all around the globe for nearly 150 years.

The TIMEX company was established in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, and began adapting traditional European clockmaking with American ingenuity to create the world’s first affordable clock. In 1916, they would become pioneers of modern watchmaking with, what they call, ‘A Twist of the Wrist’. This simple yet ground-breaking idea to attach a strap with welded loops would revolutionise the way we all kept time from within our pockets to on our wrists.

Over 150 years, the brand’s craftsmanship has never wavered. Today, TIMEX produce watches expertly crafted from stainless steel, silverstone and lightweight aluminium. The timeless colours of their cases range from gold and silver to bronze-toned for a more utilitarian aesthetic. The dials can vary in size and their colours include classic whites, blues, browns, nudes and blacks. The TIMEX collection incorporates both two-hand and three-hand mechanisms and the option of quartz analogue or chronograph movement. Contemporary optional features such as enhanced water resistance and water pressure are also available. Their iconic watch wrist straps are rendered in supple genuine leather, perforated leather or nylon and have quick release, slip-through and buckle-fastened options.

With a focus on redesigned classics that make a bold statement, THE ICONIC’s selection of TIMEX timepieces will allow you to go from the street to the boardroom without a second thought.