Wayfarer Sunglasses

Add a touch of effortless style to your ensemble with THE ICONIC’s edit of sunglasses. Choose from classic colours, or modern interpretations boasting bright frames and coloured lenses.

One of the most well-known fashion icons of the 20th century, wayfarers were designed in 1952 by designer Raymond Stegeman for Ray-Ban. The frames were considered a revolutionary break from metal framed styles, and ushered in a new era in eye wear. Hugely popular in the fifties and sixties, wayfarers were brought back into fashion in the 1980’s thanks to the film The Blue Brothers. Following this, wayfarers began to appear in television and movies, cementing their place in pop culture. The iconic frames boast universal appeal, being spotted in films including The Breakfast Club, Risky Business and Miami Vice.

Classic wayfarers boast chic appeal with black frames and black lenses, while modern interpretations can offer a more fun approach. Look to coloured, clear or frosted frames and coloured lenses for a contemporary take on these iconic frames. Pair yours with double denim and high top sneakers for a nod to their heritage, or create a sophisticated modern ensemble with a black blouse, black jeans and patent black brogues, topped off with a classic pair of black wayfarers.

From Tom Cruise to Anna Wintour, wayfarers are the stylish frame of choice for anyone who’s anyone. THE ICONIC offers an enviable array of wayfarers, meaning you’ll always be able to find the perfect pair for your style.