Hair Thinning & Hair Loss - Women's

Expanding beyond the basic hair care realm and into cosmeceutical territories, Hair Thinning & Hair Loss treatments in today’s age have evolved as a result of heightened awareness over health and self-care. Identified over time as an effect of aging, poor diet or simply hereditary and hair-careless factors, preventative and regenerative treatments have been passed down from the cosmeceutical to the salon market, and finally into our everyday home hair care ranges to help stop loss before it begins.

Salon-approved hair care professionals at Redken form the baseline in take-home technology with their scientifically-tested selection of ingredients and formulations, designed to strengthen follicles from the inside-out. Based on preference, treatment can be light or intensive, like the damage-specific Extreme Antisnap spray delivering lightweight leave-in protection against breakage and split ends from brushing. For more regenerative, long-term treatments, Redken’s Cerafill Stemoxydine 5 Treatment utilises a highly-concentrated formula to thicken density, improve appearance, stimulate and optimise the scalp for hair growth after advanced hair loss after 3 months. Alternatively, natural and vegan options from Silk by Morocco offer hydrolysed wheat and soy protein in addition to Argan oil extracts, engineering better hair through strengthening and protecting follicles and improving hydration retention and manageability with their Argan Fine Hair Volume Masque.

Secure and strengthen your hair with treatment before it begins, shipping 365 days a year from THE ICONIC to Australia and New Zealand.