Cargo Pants

Originally designed for the military, cargo pants have come a long way as the quintessential fashion staple. On days when you are feeling active and ready to take on challenges, a pair of cargo pants can be really comfortable for the drill. At The Iconic, we bring a collection of cargo pants for the modern woman who doesn’t mind sporting different styles. Our cargo pants are ideal for your streetwear collection, and we stock some of the biggest brands, including names like Ministry of Style, adidas, Forever New, Helly Hansen, Missguided, and more.

How to style cargo pants?
The best thing about cargo pants is the casual style. You can pair these pants with a pair of sneakers and a regular tee during summers, while for winters, you can throw in a biker jacket and replace the flipflops with ankle boots. If you want to make your cargo pants look more feminine, add a nice top, or striped tees. For the beach, wear these pants with a solid-coloured tee and add a nice hat to complete your look. As you may have guessed, cargo pants are versatile, and the good news is the fit can be forgiven for creating any style. Your skin can breathe through these pants, and these are absolutely ideal for almost any weather and season.

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