Maternity Shorts

When you are expecting a baby, expect your body to change every week, and you definitely need new clothing! Many women just prefer wearing shorts and skirts during their pregnancy as opposed to long pants, probably because getting into and coming out of a pair of maternity shorts is much easier! If you are looking for maternity shorts in Australia, THE ICONIC can be your biggest store for everything you need. From denim shorts and high-waisted to shorts that are ideal for the beach and casual outings, we have something for everyone!

THE ICONIC features some of the biggest brands in maternity shorts on this page - Angel Maternity, Soon Maternity, LEGOE, MummActiv, Pea in a Pod Maternity, 2XU, and more!

Shopping for Maternity Shorts
Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, you may have to be a tad more careful about selecting maternity shorts. For example, following childbirth, you need something that is more tightening and will hold your tummy in place when it comes to exercising, while during your pregnancy, you have to be wearing something that’s more comfortable and doesn’t really cause any extra pressure on your waist and belly. Note that the sizing for maternity clothes can vary from one brand to another, and we recommend customers to refer to product pages for details.

THE ICONIC has the option of a 30-day return on many categories, including maternity shorts, and if you have any questions, you can always refer to our customer care for details and information.