Founded in January 2005, 2XU is driven by a relentless company mission to advance human performance through the development of world-leading athletic garments. Employing fabric and construction technology to take you further than what you previously thought possible, 2XU’s products are designed and tested in consultation with leading industry experts and sporting institutes to employ intelligent design, cutting edge performance fabrications and construction.

Utilising high-performance compression fabrication, 2XU’s clothing range has been proven to improve athlete performance before, during and after activity through improved circulation, muscle containment and reduced muscle vibration. Moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry, while the fabric’s superior grade circular knit structure delivers greater stretch, flexibility and durability.

Worn by multiple world champions, praised by professional athletes and endorsed by sporting institutions worldwide, 2XU provides the equipment required to take the human form to the best it can be.  From compression tights to performance caps, sportswear to arm sleeves, THE ICONIC won’t fail to impress you with its variety of 2XU products. Browse through our edit of 2XU clothing and training gear for increased sporting performance, reduced muscle damage and heightened power and ability each workout.