For fun and thoughtful gifts that children will love, shop THE ICONIC for a wide collection of Areaware puzzles, building block sets and toys. Based in Brooklyn and Columbus, the brand design and deliver high-quality unique puzzles and games specially crafted for little hands and developing imaginations.

From particoloured pocket-sized puzzles to sustainably-harvested beech wood sculptures, Areaware will inspire your little adventurer to play, create and construct their own world, all the while developing coordination and balance, and their very own eye for design.

Painted in an array of unique cityscapes, natural landscapes, global cities and buildings, the brand strives to evoke a passion for design and architecture — inevitably shaping the budding builders, aspiring architects and promising city planners of tomorrow with their exclusive artistic designs. As they stack and sculpt, cantilever and construct, children will unconsciously cultivate a keen eye for mechanics and structural integrity.

Impeccably built to withstand these lessons, Areaware utilises high-quality materials such as New Zealand pine and sustainably-harvested beech wood to create everything from global city-inspired building blocks to toys reminiscent of Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect stocking filler, a beautifully-adorned birthday gift or a classroom toy to inspire blossoming imaginations, Areaware will have you covered. Shop THE ICONIC today and take advantage of express shipping across Australia and New Zealand.