Arms Of Eve

Arms of Eve is an Australian born fashion label which aims to celebrate the inherent power and ubiquitous strength of all women. The label encompasses seaside charm, while honouring traditional artisanal techniques of handmade weaving. So too does the brand weave a story of the earth’s beauty, using natural freshwater pearls and shells as the heroes of the handmade jewellery.

Founder, Kerryn Leigh, draws upon her many pencil sketches that have been living within the pages of her travel journals and sketchbooks from her early beginnings in Johannesburg, to Sydney, Los Angeles, and beyond. Arms of Eve draws inspiration from a wanderlust mindset with its impressive array of accessories – from delicate pearl earrings to charming bohemian drawstring bracelets that add rustic charm to any arm. Strikingly beautiful cowrie shells are gold-plated while the brand's gorgeously woven straw bags and wide brimmed hats are ideal for street to beach adventures with friends.

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