Eyebrow Powder

For softer, naturally-fuller looking brows, you can’t beat a great eyebrow powder. THE ICONIC Beauty carries an ever-growing assortment of brow powders online, making it easier than ever to create the perfect brow look at home.

A departure from the barely-there brows of previous beauty generations, full, soft, fluffy brows are a key beauty look that flatters all faces. Whether you’re naturally blessed in the brow department or need a little extra help to create the appearance of fullness, a brow powder is an essential in every woman’s makeup bag. With a plethora of different brow products on the market (and new formulations popping up all the time), it can be tricky to know which brow products are worth adding to cart. A great eyebrow powder is a non-negotiable in your beauty arsenal, as it has the power to create natural definition and fill in sparse hairs on its own, or lay the base for bolder brow looks when the mood strikes.

Applying eyebrow powder is easier than it looks, provided you have the right tools. Using a spoolie or similar tool, brush your natural brow hairs into place, lifting up and out slightly to reveal any sparser areas. Using an angled brow brush, lightly work the brow powder into the arch and tail before working your way in. This creates a subtle gradient finish that mimics the appearance of natural brows while adding definition.

THE ICONIC Beauty is the ultimate destination for shopping the latest eyebrow powder online, with an ever-growing edit that includes beloved brands like Mellow Cosmetics, Inika Organic and Silk Oil of Morocco, and the option of free and fast delivery across Australia and New Zealand.

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