Core Trainer

Core Trainer is an Australian activewear brand widely known for its waist-training garments, which mirror the concept of the Victorian-era corset, and aim to achieve a more streamlined waist while also improving posture. At its core, the Core Trainer corset is a waist-training band that acts as a waist trimmer and shaper when worn during workouts. The compression mechanics of the Core Trainer work around core muscles, helping to push inward and achieve a slimmer-looking waistline.

Not simply designed to slim the waist, the Core Trainer range has also been celebrated for how it helps to enhance the wearer’s posture and strengthen back muscles. The firm breathable compression corset is both comfortable and strong. It generates a holistic core strength, creates beautiful definition and stimulates perspiration to expel harsh toxins. These design-led performance pieces do a lot of the work for you by cinching the waist and honing an hourglass figure.

THE ICONIC offers a range of different styles, colours and patterns, including the zipper corset, hook-and-eye corset, compression tights and crop tops. For a more monochrome look, we offer sleek shades of grey and black, or if you are looking for a bolder workout repertoire, choose from bright blue, pink or a fierce leopard print. Feminine yet functional, Core Trainer have pinpointed a major aspect of the female workout routine and provide both a stylish and practical solution to achieving a more streamlined silhouette while you work up a sweat.