Girls' Sunglasses

With such a dazzling bright future ahead, you little girl definitely need quite a few pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses not only add a ton of stylish appeal to your little diva but are also an indispensable accessory to shield her pretty eyes from the harsh rays of Mr. Sun. Thankfully, The ICONIC stocks the best collection of kids sunglasses in their virtual aisles.

When it comes to kid’s sunglasses, you can play a lot more freely with colour. So, go bold this season when neon is one of the hottest trends coming off of the runway. You can also colour block by picking frames that are in an equally contrasting bright colour as their outfit. Trust us; your little angel can pull of colour better than all of us adults together. Interesting shapes like florals for the summer and spring, retro heart-shaped number for when she feels quirky and cat eyes for when her inner diva emerges out in full glory.

Don’t bother following the rules set by beauty magazines when you buy sunglasses for your baby girl. Oversized shades will give her the utmost protection while making her look a million times cuter (if that’s even possible). And speaking of protection, nothing under 99% to 100% protection against UV rays should ever even sit on your cart. Go for the most dependable brands such as Ray-Ban Junior, Cancer Council Kids, JUNiA and Sons and Daughters when it comes to the protection of your child’s eyesight.