High Heel Jungle

With designs adorned in playful prints, glinting infusions of glitter and bold patch embellishments, High Heel Jungle strikes the heart of the modern, style-minded woman who isn’t afraid to make a statement with her second drawer.

The brainchild of Kathryn Eisman, Emmy Award-nominated journalist and the former head of fashion and lifestyle at E! News, High Heel Jungle was launched as a means for women to wear their self-expression down to their toes. Distilled with a motto of ‘life’s short, wear what makes you happy!’, Kathryn's mission steadily pulses through every stitch and thread of the brands utterly head-turning designs.

With collections crafted from swathes of jewel-encrusted tulle and sheer lace to sumptuously soft hits of cashmere and cotton-blend knits, High Heel Jungle ensures no footwear rotation goes unnoticed in the realms of both style and comfort. Elevate your weekend sneaker rotation with the addition of tie-dye print or butterfly patch-embellished crew socks. Intarsia tongue-in-cheek motifs and slogans spell every essence of the word ‘statement’ so you don’t have to. Scalloped lace and fishnet socks lend a playful edge to your post-dusk pump collection, while Lurex-woven crew socks offer an eye-catching alternative to the standard second drawer fare.

Whether you’re on the prowl for an off-beat accessory to take your Saturday night ensemble to the next level, or a knee-high companion to your favourite platform boots, look no further than THE ICONIC’s range of High Heel Jungle socks.