Beginning its life as a Melbourne based graphic design studio, Australian fashion label Nique was founded by entrepreneurial duo Nick and Lucy Ennis. By 2003, Nique had completely transformed itself into a sophisticated, statement-making fashion house. Initially earning a cult following amongst the electronic music scene, Nique has grown to become a household name in Australian fashion and a must-have for anyone who seeks that edgy minimalistic style.

Inspired by chic Scandinavian style and Japanese architecture, Nique brings a sense of high-fashion finesse to your everyday wardrobe. Staying true to Melbourne's famous pared-back aesthetic and minimal colour palette, Nique's collections exude an air of timelessness. Their well-considered approach to design is also evident in their penchant for quality fabrics; drape yourself in premium linen, silk, cotton, wool and bamboo.

Sculptural folds, asymmetry and biomorphic forms are recurring motifs throughout collections, lending to Nique's unique and form-flattering silhouettes. Whilst designed for both women and men, Nique's work emits a fluid, androgynous aesthetic. Each collection features a refined range of contemporary shirts, pants, tanks, tees, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and more.

Their collection of accessories is in keeping with their core inspiration of chic Scandinavian style and Japanese architecture. From natural grain leather to durable canvas shells, their array of bags and wallets never strays far from utilitarian black, concealed fastenings and streamlined pocketing.

Introduce a modernistic and cultured edge to your wardrobe with Nique's premium collection, available now at THE ICONIC. Dedicated to bringing you the latest in innovative fashion trends, Nique's pieces are sure to become key players in your outfit rotation.