Rich in detail and high in quality, Amsterdam-based label Scotch & Soda have redefined the standard for off-duty apparel. First conceived in the 80s, the fashion brand as we know it today emerged at the turn of the century, following the introduction of three new owners with a shared wealth of experience and a passion for a great garment-making. Quickly finding loyalty from customers who value classic styles with global influences, Scotch & Soda has grown to incorporate a younger brother line, Scotch Shrunk, and a women’s line, Maison Scotch. Then in 2011, little sister brand R’Belle hit the market making this clothing brand one for the entire modern family.

A distinguishing feature of Scotch & Soda menswear is the innovative use of pattern and colour. A striped crew-neck sweater may not be new, but Scotch & Soda successfully reimagine this classic style with mint green stripes in contrasting weaves which few other brands would dare do. A button up with a mustard Ikat pattern, a Breton striped shirt in fluorescent yellow, geometric-printed pocket squares are all indicative of the unique yet essential niche this brand has carved for itself in the fashion industry.

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