Van Heusen

Heralding from humble roots, Van Heusen began in 1881 as a small, unnamed family business in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, belonging to the Phillips family. Pieces were hand-sewn by Endel Phillips and her daughters, while her husband Moses and his son would sell the shirts to local miners. Quickly growing to success, the business expanded to New York and was eventually bought by Dutch immigrant, John Manning van Heusen.

John Manning van Heusen, known for his pioneering design process, and the Phillips family for their artisanal garments, forged a powerful legacy and the suiting label Van Heusen was born.

Van Heusen shirts still feature John Manning van Heusen’s traditional soft-folding collar, patented in 1921. Today, the label boasts a myriad of innovative design processes for both men and women. Think suits and shirts with unparalleled flexibility, garments that are designed to keep you cool in warmer climates, and crush and stain resistant fabrics. Each item is carefully conceptualised to ensure the utmost comfort throughout formal occasions or your working day.
With an eye for detail, Van Heusen fabrics come in array of prints, chequered designs and solid colours. Choose from the label’s leather belts and ties to find the accessories that will provide a smart finishing touch.

Operating ethically, Van Heusen has strong roots in the human rights movement. All factories must adhere to strict working conditions – its garments will have you feeling as good as you look.