Leading by example in the field of sustainable fashion, Veja uses organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon and vegetable-tanned leathers to create quality trainers and accessories which respect the environment and human rights. Seen on the feet of style-influencers and celebrities such as Emma Watson and Marion Cotillard, the brand's ethical values are championing the market and proving you can be both fashionable and ethically-minded.

Ensuring total transparency from the sourcing of fabrics to transportation and packaging, Veja is taking huge strides in establishing an environmental conscience within the market. Their organic cotton, for example, is retrieved from a group of small producers located in the Northeast of Brazil who grow cotton and food plants under agro-ecology principles which ban agro-chemicals and pesticides. Veja buys cotton from 320 families who live from organic farming and respect fair trade rules. Furthermore, Veja integrates money usually used for advertising into the production chain and ensures minimal wastage by producing a limited line every six months. All Veja packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard and the shoe-box size was reduced in 2002 to optimize efficiency.

Fashion and environmentally conscious sneakerheads can rejoice, as Veja prides itself on a policy of full transparency and honesty with their customers. Looking to the future, the label strives to continually increase the sustainability and fair-trade standards of their design and manufacturing practices. For a stylish pair of sneakers that take an ethical design to the next level, shop THE ICONIC’s curated range of Veja today.