Wild Rhino Shoes

Established in 1996, homegrown Wild Rhino is a shoe label committed to finding the perfect balance between style, comfort, and durability. Using only the finest heavy-weight leathers to meticulously craft their shoes, Wild Rhino footwear is rooted in the belief that form and function should always come together. From exploring the concrete jungle to treading somewhere off the beaten track, a pair of Wild Rhino boots or sneakers are sure to give you the ultimate experience in long-term comfort and wearability.

From the design process through to the final stages of production, the quality of the fit is Wild Rhino’s number one priority. Classic styles are crafted to maximise their timeless appeal and long-term comfort, with silhouettes such as the Chelsea and lace-up oxfords being reworked to reflect modern style and create a perfect fit. Wild Rhino’s attention to detail in their craftsmanship has made them a major supplier of both men and women’s footwear in Australia, and you can find THE ICONIC’s handpicked selection of leather boots, sandals, and other accessories right here.

Built on the cornerstone of comfort and style, every Wild Rhino piece is crafted with the utmost care to ensure that you have a piece that will make you feel as good as you look. From the sturdy slip-on boots to the casual boat shoe, you’re sure to find a style at THE ICONIC that will last both in terms of durability and enduring style.