Mom Jeans

Love denim? Have you considered buying a pair of mom jeans? ‘What’s that’ you may ask- But the mom jeans-style has been around for the longest time! If you are a fan of streetwear, casual and Instagram fashion styles – Our collection is mom jeans is just for you! On this page, you will find brands like Sandro, Levi's, TOPSHOP Maternity, Lee, Mavi, Indigo Tonic and more!

What exactly is mom jeans anyway?
A pair of mom jeans is not as flattering as your skinny pair of denim or even the boyfriend style. This is from the 90s when the high waist style was quite popular. Basically, a pair of mom jeans will make your bum look flatter and bigger, while the fit around the zip is not as tight. If comfort is what you seek, this style is just for you. Today, some of the biggest labels have the style in their collection, and if you are buying your first pair, you need to look for baggy fit for the zip area and legs, with the big bum area, bigger pockets on the back, and of course, the high waist!

Mom jeans pair really well with cropped tops, and if you go for the standard blue shade, all you need is a white tee. This is easily one of those wardrobe essentials for every woman!

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