No matter whether you are an amateur player, or someone who wants to learn tennis from scratch, the first racket is always important. THE ICONIC brings a collection of tennis rackets, curated by experts from some of the top brands, such as Wilson.

Selecting your first racket
There are three important factors that matter in selecting a tennis racket. The first one is the head size, and adults should be looking for a larger one so that they have a better sweet spot. This just helps in working on your skills and techniques better. Even if your stroke is not that great, ensuring that the ball gets to the racket is necessary. The next thing that matters is the weight. We recommend that you go for a lighter racket when you start off so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by it. The final aspect that matters is the grip size. This needs attention because a size bigger than what you need would lead to issues with using the wrist, while smaller ones don’t suffice.

We have something in our collection for every woman out there, so feel free to check our site, and note that product details are mentioned and should be checked before placing an order. Try your tennis skills with your first racket - it doesn’t have to be complicated!

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