Training Equipment - Women's

Fitness is a state of mind! You can always join the best gym near you for keeping up with your fitness goals, but you definitely need a few products and sports accessories of your own! Regardless of whether you are into yoga, or prefer action sports, we have a curated range of sports equipment, training accessories and other sports goods that are ideal for your own collection!

Welcome to THE ICONIC! We promise to bring the best brands in training equipment for online shoppers. On this page, you will find brands such as The Bow, Bowern, Friendie, Red Corner Boxing and more!

What to shop in sports & fitness accessories?
That really depends on the kind of fitness enthusiast you are. On this page, you will find basic products like exercise balls, yoga mats, gloves for boxing-mma sports, exercise rollers, soccer balls, muscle rollers, resistance bands, and recovery balls. In sports accessories, we have ear pods, headphones and other products that are ideal for fitness goals. We also stock a wide range of options in each category, so your boxing gloves don’t have to look boring. This is a collection for women, and we promise that variety, purpose and style have been our top priorities.

Please note that products on this page can be size specific, and we request customers to check individual pages for more details. Next time you are at the gym or doing a workout at home, do it in style!