Yoga Pants

Fitness is a matter of choice, but if you are looking for a form of fitness that calms both mind and body, yoga is for you! Welcome to THE ICONIC! We bring a collection of yoga pants, curated by top experts. Pants, leggings, cropped pants, capris – Name it, and we have it on our list. On this page, you will also find some of the most celebrated brands in fitness and Yoga clothing, including The Upside, Nike, P.E. Nation, adidas Originals, First Base, Gaiam, Nicky Kay and more.

How to shop for yoga pants? In case you are wondering why some yoga pants are so expensive, it really is because of the brand and fabric. You want to feel entirely calm and in control of your postures while doing yoga, and therefore, the pants must be made of the right fabric. Some of the popular options include cotton and cotton-synthetic blends, and some are even made of organic fabrics. Another aspect that matters is sizing. You don’t want yoga pants to be either too tight that you cannot move or too loose that you cannot see your form and posture. Brand sizing details may vary, so please check the product pages to find more and pick a size that works for you.

THE ICONIC is constantly updating its collection of Yoga and Pilates clothing, and we request customers to check this page for new products and listings.