Eyelash Conditioning & Serums

Thick, full and long lashes have long been coveted by beauty fans around the world, with many turning to mascara, treatments and false lashes to recreate the appearance of naturally lush eyelashes. Eyelash conditioning is the perfect choice for those in pursuit of fluttery, healthy-looking lashes, with THE ICONIC stocking a curated selection of lash conditioners and lash serums.

Much like conditioners for your main mane, lash serums and conditioners are formulated to help condition and restore the roots of your eyelashes by delivering nourishing vitamins and minerals. Lash conditioning can help to hydrate your natural eyelashes and replenish the moisture and strength that can often be depleted by your daily mascara, cementing eyelash conditioners as an essential step in every beauty routine.

Look to cult favourite Eye of Horus for lash serums designed to do double-duty with brows. Their signature Universal Brow Lash Serum is infused with key botanical ingredients, vitamins and minerals all designed to help stimulate lash and brow health. A universally-flattering tint of colour brings a hint of definition, allowing you to don this multipurpose serum as an alternative to your usual mascara and brow products when desired.

Eyelash conditioning is your secret weapon in the search for holy grail lashes, with formulas designed to stimulate naturally beautiful eyelashes. Browse THE ICONIC Beauty for free and fast delivery across Australia and New Zealand.