Clay Masks

If there’s one must-have face mask that every skincare enthusiast should have in their repertoire, it’s a clay mask. Known for their natural clarifying abilities, clay masks are ideal for all skin types, even dry skin, working to tighten and firm skin texture, draw out impurities from pores and soften the complexion. A powerful natural ingredient in clean skincare, clay is renowned for its absorbent properties and ability to give skin that thoroughly-detoxed feeling.

Mineral clays like kaolin and bentonite form the basis of many favourite formulations, as well as luxe French clay, with different coloured clays said to have varying benefits for certain skin types. Pink clay masks are often recommended for acne-prone, dry and sensitive skin types, green clay is celebrated for its extra-absorbent effect on oily skin, while white clay is ideal for mature skin types, offering a boost of firming goodness.

Whether suspended in a creamy, ready-to-apply formulation or DIY powder which can be mixed with water, a weekly clay mask could be the missing link in your skincare collection, not to mention a truly refreshing addition to your self-care routine. Clay face mask recipes can be hard to perfect; find the best masks in Australia on THE ICONIC, ready for your browsing leisure. Shop most-loved brands like Clarins, Grown Alchemist and Peggy Sue, as well as the famous Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask.

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